Clinical Research

What is Research?

Research is an important part of health care because it attempts to answer a specific question about managing or improving our health and our care.   Answers to these questions may be found (researched) in a clinical research study, also known as a clinical trial or research study.

What types of research  are there?

Research studies are designed to find answers to many health care questions , such as:

  • How do diseases begin? What causes disease?
  • How can a disease or condition be better treated?
  • How can a disease or condition be cured?
  • Is one treatment better than another?
  • And many others

Why does BayCare participate in research?

BayCare participates in research because it offers advanced treatment options that are closer to home.  Currently some of our research studies include treatments for cancer, heart disease, memory disorders, and cerebrovascular (blood vessels of the brain) disease.

Participating in Research

Research participation is always voluntary. The decision to participate is yours. There is no cost to participating in research.  Before participating, the following questions should be asked:

  • Why is the research being done?
  • Will it help me personally?
  • Are there any risks to participating?
  • How long will I be involved?
  • What other options exist?

Although it is preferred that research volunteers remain in the clinical study until completion, as a volunteer you can decide to leave the study at any time.  If you are currently involved in a research study and are thinking about dropping out, please contact the number on your informed consent to advise the site of your decision.

Where can I learn more?

How do I learn more about Research at BayCare?

  • Morton Plant Mease Clinical Research Department: Jo Simpson, Manager Clinical Research Projects (727) 461-8519
  • St. Anthony's Hospital Clinical Research Department: Jim Baumgartner, Research Director (813) 870-4760  
  • St. Joseph's Hospitals Clinical Research Department: Jim Baumgartner, Research Director (813) 870-4760