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We recognize that school looks different this year. Whether a child goes to school in person or learns at home, we want to help kids and their families stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Our school resources offer parents information to help get kids back to learning and continue to stay healthy and safe throughout the year.

Back To School Resources

Back to School Safety: Face Masks

BayCare Medical Group pediatrician, Christina Canody discusses why face masks are an important safety measure for kids returning to school. Learn why kids should wear face masks, what type of masks are best and how to talk to younger children about wearing masks.

How-To: Wear a Face Mask

BayCare Medical Group pediatrician, Christina Canody, MD., demonstrates the correct way for kids to put on and take off a face mask as well as proper fit and storage once removed.

Keeping Kids Safe as They Go Back to School

BayCare Medical Group pediatrician, Christina Canody MD, reviews the options of sending kids back to school in-person versus virtual learning as well as precautions schools are taking to keep kids as safe as possible. Dr. Canody also discusses how parents can talk to kids about new safety measures and why they are necessary.

For Kids: Why Do I Have To Wear a Face Mask?

This animated video helps young children understand how face masks can keep them and loved ones safe against the spread of COVID-19 and the proper way to put on and take off a mask. They also learn what else they can do while at school to help prevent the spread of germs.

The Correct Way to Wash Your Hands

There are seven steps to properly washing your hands. Learn about proper handwashing to help stay protected from germs.

Physical Activity for Kids (K-5th grade)

Whether a child is back at school in-person or learning from home it’s important for them to stay physically active. Kids can learn about the benefits of physical activity and join in with our wellness and safety expert as she demonstrates some stretches and offers other fun exercises and ways for kids to stay active.

Ways To Stay Healthy: Hand Washing Story and Demonstration (Pre-K-2nd grade)

Kids can join in on this interactive short story, told by one of our wellness and safety experts and the help of some of her friends. Kids will learn about the different types of germs they may encounter at school or home and the importance of proper hand washing, followed by a demonstration of the proper way to wash your hands.

Activities and Coloring Pages

Teacher Resources

    St. Josephs Children’s Hospital team members teach kids about their jobs in these short video clips. We're happy to offer these as additional resources for teachers during the Great American Teach-In (videos are appropriate for K-5th grade). 
Learn what a pharmacist does.
Learn what it’s like to work in the hospital laboratory.
Learn what a surgeon does.
Learn what a nurse does in the pediatric intensive care unit.
Learn what it’s like to be a nurse in the pediatric emergency department.
Learn what a physical therapist does.
Learn what a respiratory therapist does.
Learn what the imaging department is and what an imaging tech does there.
Learn what a Child Life Specialist does.

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