Women's Cancer Screening

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Women take on so much throughout their lives and often, they put the health of their loved ones above their own, ignoring their own wellbeing, and missing symptoms that can lead to serious health issues and ultimately, fatalities. When it comes to cancer, early detection is important, that’s why we want to put a large emphasis on cancer screening. Women who take measures to screen themselves regularly for certain types of cancers have a better chance of early detection when no symptoms are present.

Regular screening tests help detect cancers like breast, lung, cervical and colorectal (colon) early when treatment is likely to work best. Depending on your family history and lifestyle, the frequency and when you should begin preventive screening may vary. Work with your primary care physician to determine which screenings and the timing of screenings are right for you.

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Our mission at BayCare is to help women prioritize their own health and enjoy their longevity. We are here to listen and focus on you while providing exceptional care from the moment you schedule your appointment. We have got you!

Breast Health

As women, we have learned what’s required to take care of ourselves, and that includes getting screened for various types of cancers, including breast cancer. While we might be hard pressed to find any female who enjoys getting a mammogram, it’s much easier to find cancer survivors with a 98%, five-year survival rate due to early breast cancer detection.

BayCare offers comprehensive breast health services for women of all ages. Our breast care centers combine the latest technology with leading medical expertise and compassionate care, and with numerous nationally accredited locations around Tampa Bay, you’re never far from a highly trained clinical team that has your best imaging, diagnostic and treatment needs in mind.


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BayCare Health System has expert gynecologists and obstetricians throughout the Tampa Bay area that specialize in women’s reproductive health. We perform surgical procedures, such as a hysterectomy, laparoscopy, cervical biopsy, and more.

Primary Care

We understand how important it is to have a primary care physician (PCP) that you can trust. Your primary care physician is the coach or leader of your health care team. They get to know you, your history and your family health history. They counsel you on general health and wellness, and work with other doctors and care members to ensure you’re getting the right care at the right time. Your PCP can also identify health issues early by encouraging cancer screenings and advice on how to reduce your risk of cancer.

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