Patient Care Navigator

Patient Care Navigator

When You Need Help With Breast Care, You Are Not Alone

If you receive an abnormal test result, this may be a difficult time for you. You may have questions and concerns about your health. You also may need help getting the care you need.

Women receiving care at the Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center at St. Anthony's have access to a clinical Patient Care Navigator. The Patient Care Navigator is a registered nurse who will guide you through the breast care continuum. This person is here to help you through this time, making sure you get the support and help you need. We want to make sure you get the best care possible.

While not all abnormal findings result in a cancer diagnosis, if you have an abnormal finding our Patient Navigation Program will assist you during this difficult time.

The Patient Navigation Program Can Benefit You With:

  • Improved and more timely access to breast care services and information
  • Fewer delayed and missed appointments
  • Increased satisfaction with your health care experience

The Patient Care Navigator Will Provide:

  • Guidance through the health care system
  • Education and support following a cancer diagnosis
  • Coordination of health care services for further testing and treatment
  • Referral to local resources for financial assistance
  • Referrals for transportation assistance
  • Answers to your questions
  • More information on health care

Where Can I Find Out More About This Program?

Latricia Poole, R.N., CNIII
Patient Care Navigator
Susan Sheppard McGillicuddy Breast Center
Phone: (727) 820-6004
Fax: (727) 825-1411