Placental Tissue Donation FAQs

Why Only C-section Births?
The best research results are obtained from placental tissue that is fully intact, which is why only C-section tissue is used.

How Will It Affect My Baby and Me?
There is no risk to you or your child.

Who Does It Help?
Your act of giving will allow researchers to work toward a treatment to help those with second and third degree burns and other serious wounds.

How Do I Participate?
To participate, you must be having a C-section birth and you need to sign a consent form and talk to your doctor. Your baby's delivery will proceed as planned and the only change will be the handling of the placenta. Instead of destroying the tissue, it will be sent to a research facility.

What If I Change My Mind?
If you decide that you no longer want to donate your placenta, simply tell your doctor before surgery.

Do You Have More Questions About Placental Tissue Donation?
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If you would like more information about donating your placental tissue, please contact St. Joseph's Comprehensive Research Institute at (813) 323-1475.