Labor and Delivery - What To Bring

After delivering more than 125,000 babies, St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital knows that an important part of having a baby is preparing for your hospital stay and taking an active part in your recovery.

To help you with your plans, we’ve put together a list of items you may find helpful to commemorate and capture this special time. Decide which items you will need for the labor and birth, the hospital stay and for the trip home for you and your baby and put them into one small bag. Put these items into one suitcase and leave this suitcase locked in the trunk of your car until after baby is born.

  • Digital camera and charger
  • Cell phone charger
  • List of whom to call
  • Camcorder and battery charger
  • Music player or iPod docking station
  • Labor support aids, such as massage lotion and focal point
  • Socks and slippers
  • Personal hygiene items, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, lip balm, comb and brush, deodorant
  • Book or eReader
  • Your copies of informed consents
  • Current insurance card/information
  • A robe, nightgown, slippers and underwear
  • A comfortable support bra and if breastfeeding, a nursing bra with pads
  • Baby mittens, socks or booties
  • Pacifier, if not planning to breastfeed
  • Clothing for baby to wear home and a receiving blanket
  • A small amount of money
  • Clothing to wear home

This is a friendly reminder that in order to be discharged from St. Joseph's Women's Hospital you will need to have a car seat for your baby. Please be advised that St. Joseph's Women's Hospital does NOT provide car seats. Learn more about car seat safety.