Child-Size Care

Holding tiny baby handChildren aren’t the same size or weight as adults. So, in order to give them the most accurate treatment, we use a child’s individual size and weight to determine the right size instrument or equipment to use, as well as amount of medicine to administer. Using equipment designed for children makes a big difference. For instance:

  • Blood Pressure Cuffs come in multiple sizes and inflate to different pressures to obtain the most accurate blood pressures in children.
  • Different size ventilation bags and masks are used to assist with breathing to make sure we give the appropriate amount of air for their different lung sizes.
  • IV catheters are available in a range of sizes to make sure we can obtain access to any size vein on any size child.
  • Cervical Collars and splints come in multiple sizes to protect the cervical spine on all sizes of children.

Our team uses pediatric specific protocols based on weight and size to expedite treatment in the most critical moments. For example, delivering medications appropriate for the child’s weight in a rapid manner. Treating a child based on weight is also important when administering the right amount of fluids or performing other critical procedures.

Our pediatric physicians use their specialty training to diagnose your child with as little exposure to radiation as possible.

See how else our pediatric ERs make a difference in your child’s ER experience.

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