At South Florida Baptist Hospital, we encourage our mothers to breastfeed their babies as soon as possible after birth. Breast milk provides protection against many illnesses, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breast milk for the first year of life. During your pregnancy, you can attend classes and events designed to prepare you for this amazing experience. We also have lactation consultants and nurses specially trained to help you get started.

Breast Milk Donation

There are times when babies are born prematurely or with illnesses requiring medical treatment in Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Mothers of premature infants are not able to breastfeed their own infants if their own breast milk does not come in as early as their babies arrive.   So, BayCare implemented a Breast Milk Donor Program to provide nourishing human breast milk products to ill, premature babies in BayCare Neonatal Intensive Care Units and NICUs around the country. Eligible mothers within Tampa Bay can now donate their excess breast milk to help premature infants in need. BayCare partnered with Prolacta Bioscience to provide standardized and pasteurized human milk-based formulations for these little babies.

Why donate to support BayCare preemies?

  • It is easy and convenient and can be done from home
  • It can be done at no cost to you
  • You are eligible to receive reimbursement 

How does your breast milk donation help?

  • Helps save babies’ lives
  • Supports mothers with critically ill babies
  • Provides standardized and guaranteed supply of breast milk to BayCare NICUs

Ready to become a donor?

  • Do you have extra breast milk?
  • Want to make a difference?

Learn more about how your donation can help or speak to a Milk Program Coordinator today.