Buying Guide: Frozen Juice and Punch

Frozen concentrated fruit juice is the optimal ingredient in frozen juice or punch, but not all such products have much of it. Look at the first two ingredients listed on the product. If they're frozen concentrate and water, the product has more real fruit juice than sugar. But if the first ingredient is corn syrup, the juice content is lower than the amount of added sugar.

Other buying tips include:

  • Opt for products labeled "juice" rather than "cocktail," "punch" or even lemonade, all of which are typically made from more sugar than juice.

  • Look for products labeled 100 percent juice.

  • Buy products made from pure frozen concentrate.

  • If you maintain a low-sodium diet, check the sodium content. Many products are sodium-free.

Keep in mind that even 100 percent fruit juices contain a fair amount of calories. Limit your family's juice intake and opt for water to prevent unnecessary weight gain.