ACL Rehabilitation: Knee Flexion

Woman sitting on floor with back against wall. One leg is flat on floor. Woman has towel looped around heel of other foot and is pulling on towel ends to slide heel towards her.Begin your rehabilitation with exercises that develop muscle control. These help you meet basic goals, like driving a car or going back to work. Exercise as often as you’re advised. But stop right away if any exercise causes sharp or increasing pain. Icing your knee for 15–20  minutes after exercise can help prevent swelling and soreness.

  • Sit on the floor with your legs out and feet flexed forward. Place a towel around the heel of your injured leg.

  • Pull the towel toward you, sliding your heel toward your buttocks. Keep the heel in contact with the floor.

  • When you feel a stretch (tightness) in the knee, hold the position for 10 seconds. Slide your foot back out. Repeat 5 times.