Maternity and Motherhood Wellness Program

Begin Your Maternity and Motherhood Wellness Journey Today

A pregnant woman is taking part in a wellness program.BayCare Fitness Centers now offer virtual and in-person prepartum and postpartum fitness programs

Our maternity wellness programs are beneficial at any stage of pregnancy and can resume after postpartum medical clearance. The classes are designed for any fitness level.

Benefits of attending maternity wellness programs:

  • Learn how to correctly lessen or prevent common prenatal-related and postpartum-related discomforts as hormones fluctuate during pregnancy and during the postpartum recovery period.
  • Reduces the risk of muscle aches, SI joint pain, round ligament pain, pelvic and back pain.
  • Reduces fatigue, burnout, stress and anxiety, and improves energy and mental health.
  • Learn techniques to lessen or prevent diastasis recti (separation of abdominal walls), incontinence, swelling and weight gain.
  • Possible benefits include a shorter labor, decreased postpartum recovery time, lower risk of complications including gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension, and lower incidence of cesarean section.
  • Gain the sense of self-confidence needed to look and feel your best, and relax and reconnect with your changing body, feel more prepared for the upcoming birth experience and then continue to function while caring for a new baby.
  • Classes may include elements of dance and yoga, core training, gentle stretching, endurance building through interval training, breathing techniques, guided imagery and more.
  • Become part of a community of women who support and empower each other, creating a vital network of resources and friends.

Prenatal and postnatal medical clearance required upon program registration.

For more information or questions regarding the program, please email us.

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