Tampa in Scrubs Alumni

St. Joseph's Hospitals thanks our past participants of the Tampa in Scrubs program. The Tampa in Scrubs Alumni represents the almost 100 members that have completed rounds at Tampa's most notable hospital. These elite individuals had an opportunity to intimately shadow our highly skilled and experienced staff of physicians with national and international reputations care for infants, children and adults; an experience they will never forget.

September 2018 Graduates

September 2018 Tampa in Scrubs Graduates

Candace Headrick, Connie Gage, Lili Salemi, Edward Siler, Robby Allender, Aakash Patel, Jackie Gardner, Tracy Hallenbeck, Donna Taylor, Olinda DeJuan, Jennifer Stancil, Kimbeerly Simon, Francesca de la Grana, Esq., Bruce Rodwell, Matt Rice, Hugh Campbell, Theresa Renaud, Nicole Savino, Liza Mizel, Salvatore Ingrassia, Shannon Seifer, Steve Tishman, Jonathan Torres, Priscilla Castellano, Michael Schmid, Joshua Baumgartner, Stephanie Brown, Carol Cromer, Angie Van Slavens, Andrew Smith, Courtney Haddad, John Sheppard, Troy Atlas 

Tampa In Scrubs 2018 Recap Video
The Tampa In Scrubs program will offer leaders in our community the opportunity to spend the day exploring St. Joseph's Hospitals while interacting with our highly skilled and dedicated team members. With four track combinations to choose from you are sure to have a dynamic experience scrubbing in and being our guest for the day.

August 2017 Graduates

Group photo of Tampa in Scrubs Class of August 2017

Isabel Dewey, Christina Mitchell, Jeanette Fenton, Jennifer Young, Lindsey Parks, Cynthia Gandee Zinober, Bob Martinez, Nancy Walker, Jody Ritter, Chris Elmer, Jack Sheppard, Melisa Martin, Gilbert J. Munoz, Debra Palmer, Jennifer Libby, Bill Jordan, Sharon Stegemeyer, Dan Gysel, Stephanie Kaminoff, Kelly Flannery, Jennifer McDonald, Darlene Frisco, Gary LoDuca, Cassanda D’Addio, Dellinda Rabinowitz, Judge Denise Pomponio, Gladys Permuy, Jennifer Kassay, Lindsay Antal, Amanda Heese, Anne Nelson, Eilam Isaak, Betsy Isaak, Brenda Sproat, Chief Judge Ronald Ficarrotta, Joseph Martinez, Crystal Stickle, Debbie Rosenthal, Dr. Greg Hindahl, Lauren Vance.

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September 2016 Graduates

Group photo of Tampa in Scrubs class of September 2016

Adelaide Few, Lori James, Joette Giovinco, Carrie Hepburn, Kem Toole, Louisa Van Eepoel, Jean Amuso, Dottie Weist, Leroy Moore, April La Cava, Drew Marshall, Molly Crews, Marisa Belote, Bonnie Carr, Edna Broyles, Trish Blocker, Keri Thatcher, Wendy Vera, Rachel Juel, Magda Spires, Katherine Young, Warren Sponsler, Ariel Landry, Linda Gibbs, Eric Longphee, Bob Garcia, Scott Robey, Tammy Bourassa

Take a look at our most recent Tampa in Scrubs recap video.

October 2015 Graduates 

Group photo of Tampa in Scrubs October 2015

Leon Mezrah, Randy Simmons, Santiago Corrado, Mike Daigle, Christine Burdick, Kevin Plummer, Bob Rohrlack, Kelly Andrews, Ana Cruz, George Hall, Bonnie Wise, Scott Daigle, David Judd, Patrick Sharpton, Melissa Silvest, Melanie Brown

August 2015 Graduates

Group photo of Tampa in Scrubs Class of August 2015

Matthew Yost, David Garcia, Gloria Perez, Digna Alvarez. Ryan Patminta, Lorena Hardwick, Cedric McCray, Christine Barker, Del Curry, Carly Coughlin, Jeffrey Huggins, Beth Pytik, Marcia Mejia, Jim Davis, Melonie Hoyt, Wendy Brill, Jacob Gil, Derick Taberthsofer, Leila Wilson, Trent Phillips, JD White, Brigitta Shouppe, Stephen Gately, Summer Robertson