RN Residency Program

BayCare’s one-year registered nurse (RN) residency program is designed to increase the confidence and competence of newly licensed registered nurses and develop their foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to ensure clinical excellence. The program content aligns with Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies.

  • Our program supports new RNs during their first year of practice through:

    • BayCare and hospital-specific orientation including clinical and computer-based training
    • Eight-hour LeaRNing Launch course, introducing all program components
    • Learning about role transition challenges and how to alleviate them
    • Minimum 10-week, customized practice-based learning preceptorship with trained preceptor(s)
    • Ongoing support and guidance from your education and leadership teams
    • Active peer learning and networking with your nursing colleagues
    • Interactive, conceptual workshops that build on your knowledge and skills
  • RN residents work together to learn:

    • Time management strategies
    • Effective communication and collaboration with the health care team
    • Healthy work environment and self-care
    • How to care for a diverse community as part of a diverse team
    • Clinical reasoning and decision making
    • Being an advocate for patient-centered care and how to honor humanity
    • Legal considerations and safe nursing practice
    • Innovative health care technologies
    • Incorporating best practices to support patient outcomes
    • Resources and pathways toward nursing career advancement
  • Program Benefits

    • Increased clinical knowledge and skills
    • Enhanced critical thinking
    • Being empowered to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care
    • Achieve independent best-practice skills
    • Increased confidence
    • Finding your voice as a change agent in nursing
    • Opportunities for continuing education and professional advancement
  • Hiring Requirements

    • Associate degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited program (BSN preferred)
    • Current RN license in Florida
    • Basic life support certification
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Will I be asked to sign a contract?
      Yes, we’ll ask you to sign a Clinical Nurse Resident agreement committing to BayCare for two years.
    • Will I have to start on a night shift?
      We have day and night shift positions available, depending on the units’ needs.
    • Do I have to be licensed in order to apply for the RN residency program?
      You don’t need to have your RN license in order to apply. However, you do need to be licensed in order to start the program.