Patients can be admitted to BayCare Alliant Hospital by their own physician, from a general hospital, a physician's office, an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility or from their own home (with a physician's order).

We accept patients with Medicare, Medicaid and most all insurances. Many insurance companies that have not officially contracted with BayCare Alliant Hospital will issue Letters of Agreement, to ensure that a patient receives the care that Alliant is now recognized for providing. Hospital personnel will aid families in securing Letters of Agreement, as requested.

Alliant clinical personnel will evaluate each referred patient to ensure the patient meets Medicare and insurance company criteria for admission to a long term acute care hospital (LTCH). We will meet with family members to discuss expectations, concerns, and to plan a patient's course of care with established goals and outcomes. Family members are encouraged to tour Alliant Hospital to aid their decision in selecting the most appropriate long term acute care hospital for their loved one.

If you are a family member or a physician and want to learn more about BayCare Alliant Hospital, please call BayCare Alliant at (727) 734-6791.