Volunteer at a BayCare Hospital

Volunteering at any of our 13 BayCare hospitals offers a rewarding and enriching experience for both our volunteers and the community. We match our volunteers to a variety of roles, based on the volunteer's skills and interests. From information desk responsibilities to driving trams, we have a place for you at BayCare!

For more information about volunteering at a BayCare hospital, please click on the links below or call the numbers listed.

Morton Plant and Mease Hospitals:

Phone number: (727) 734-6262
Complete the Adult Application.

South Florida Baptist Hospital
Phone number: (813) 757-1275
Complete the Adult Application

St. Anthony's Hospital
Phone numbers: (727) 825-1548
Complete the Adult Application.

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital
Phone Number: (813) 554-8685
Complete the Volunteer application

St. Joseph's Hospital
Phone number: (813) 870-4188
Complete the Adult Application

St. Joseph's Women's Hospital
Phone number: (813) 872-3705
Complete the Adult application.

St. Joseph's Hospital-North
Phone number: (813) 443-7136
Complete the Adult application.

St. Joseph's Hospital-South
Phone number: (813) 302-8000
Complete Adult application.

Winter Haven Hospital
Phone number: (863) 291-6750
Complete the Adult Application

You can also download and email your volunteer application to any of our BayCare locations. 

Our Teen Volunteer program will be closed until next year. 

For Current Volunteers:

Volunteer Education Manual

Volunteer Education Quiz