Pretty Is As Pretty Does

The benefits of exercise are well documented. It helps you lose weight and get in shape, provides great cardio, builds muscle, reduces stress, raises your energy level and improves your mood. This much we know. But, did you know that exercise actually can make you more beautiful? Exercise as a beauty secret is an underrated benefit.

So, what does exercise do to improve your looks?

  • Glowing skin: Exercise increases circulation which brings vibrancy to the skin. You’re supplying your skin with a good amount of oxygenated blood. This gives you that flush to your cheeks and a beaming post-workout glow. Just think of it as a natural blush.
  • Acne prevention: Sweat unclogs your pores and gets rids of dirt and oil that makes you prone to acne. Sweat is a way of detoxing naturally and eliminating toxins. Sweating is steam cleaning your pores from the inside out and acts a mini facial. Make sure to remove makeup before working out so it doesn’t get trapped in pores. And, be sure to wash your face after exercise so gunk from sweating doesn’t resettle and clog the pores.
  • Anti-wrinkle protection: Working out helps decrease the stress-related hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol causes collagen in the skin to break down, which causing sagging and wrinkles. Exercise helps in the production of collagen and helps keep skin elastic, defined, firm and taut.
  • Healthier hair: Regular exercise improves blood flow to the scalp, keeping hair healthy and strong. Blood flowing to the scalp is nutrient rich and stimulates hair follicles, which lead to growth. Exercise also lowers stress which can cause hair to be brittle or even worse, fall out.
  • Minimizing cellulite: While cellulite tends to be genetic and related to the lymphatic system, an exercise program with a healthy diet can reduce the fatty deposits which contribute to cellulite.
  • Improves posture: Working out strengthens, lengthens and stretches muscles of your core, back, buttocks, chest and hamstrings. As these muscles get worked, it improves your posture and corrects a hunch. Exercise actually might help you grow taller.
  • Beauty sleep: Beauty sleep is a real thing. Exercise enhances sleep and helps you sleep deeper and more soundly. Good sleep is important to looking better. Besides feeling refreshed, sleep produces hormones and collagen that builds and repairs body tissue and keeps skin youthful and wrinkle-free.

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