Maternity Classes

Dad in a purple shirt looking at babySt. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital is dedicated to providing you and your family with the best services at this special time in your life. Our Women’s Health Resource Center offers helpful educational programs to help prepare you for the birth of your child, including:

Car Seat 101  – this safety class covers all four stages of child passenger safety from birth to older children. Caregivers will be educated on the correct use and installation of car seats including rear-facing, forwarding -facing & booster seats. The class also includes an inspection of one car seat per couple.

Cesarean Birth Class – designed for those individuals who know they are having a C-section and do not want to sit through an entire childbirth class. The class will cover the pre-admission testing appointment, the day of surgery, what happens in the operating room and after the baby is born. The instructor will also cover pain management, breastfeeding after a C-section and newborn care. A tour of the hospital is included.

Childbirth Refresher Class  – designed for those who have already participated in childbirth or Lamaze class, this refresher class includes a review of labor and delivery, relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as a review of pain management options. A tour of St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital is included.

Hospital Tour  – many expectant parents start off their St. Joseph's Women's Hospital experience with an orientation program and tour. This program is designed to introduce you to the many services offered to you and your family and allows you to ask important questions.

Nursing Mothers Class  – learn more about breastfeeding and its natural benefits to mom and baby during this one-session class. Find out how your body produces milk, as well as proper positioning for you and your baby.

Prepared Childbirth – a popular class designed to help expectant mothers and their partners become well-educated, active participants in the childbirth experience. Find out more about third trimester expectations, labor and delivery and newborn care.  A tour of St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital is included.

African-american boy standing next to pregnant mom's bellySafe Baby Express – one-stop safety class covers all of the following: Infant & Child CPR (non-certifying), car seat safety, SIDS, home safety, childproofing, first-aid, coping skills and more.  The class also includes an inspection of one car seat per couple.

Sibling Class  – addresses the joys and challenges of this important experience. Becoming a big brother or sister can be both exciting and stressful for a child. At least one parent must attend with the child and both parents are welcome.

Learn more about our Maternity Services, register for our childbirth and family educational classes, or call (813) 402-2307 for more information.

Clases Hispanohablantes

Preparación Para El Parto - Esta popular clase está concebida para ayudar a las madres que esperan y a sus parejas a educarse bien y a ser participantes activos en su experiencia de parto. Temas tratados: qué esperar en el tercer trimestre, parto y preparto; atención al recién nacido y etapa posterior al parto. Se incluye un recorrido por el hospital. Para inscribirse en esta clase, llame al (813) 402-2307.

Recorrido de obstetricia por el St. Joseph's Women's Hospital - El recorrido de obstetricia se lleva a cabo en el St. Joseph's Women's Hospital. El programa incluye una conversación sobre las políticas y los protocolos del hospital así como también un recorrido por la instalación. Por favor, le pedimos que limite la cantidad de asistentes a dos por persona inscrita. Si tiene problemas para inscribirse en esta clase o desea cancelar su inscripción hecha en línea, llame al (813) 402-2307.