Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians

Physician examining babyPediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians are trained specifically in the emergency care of pediatric patients. Our physicians have received several additional years of fellowship training in pediatric emergency medicine beyond their residency.

This expertise allows our physicians to diagnose and treat pediatric patients quickly and handle complex issues. Sometimes what appears to be a minor issue in a child can actually be a major issue. Plus, children can acquire pediatric specific diseases that adults do not get. Our physician’s pediatric experience means that they are more familiar with these issues and how to treat them.

Double board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians are available 24/7 at the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Steinbrenner Children’s Emergency & Trauma Center. They are available during the following times at our other pediatric ER locations:

  • Mease Countryside Hospital from 5pm-1am 
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital-South from 8am-1:30am

All ER locations are capable of managing any emergency and if necessary, can arrange for expedited transport of patients to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Steinbrenner Children’s Emergency & Trauma Center. 

See how else our pediatric ERs make a difference in your child’s ER experience.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital  
3001 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 
Tampa, FL 33607 
(813) 554-8500

St. Joseph’s Children’s at Mease Countryside Hospital
3231 McMullen Booth Road 
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
(727) 725-6966

St. Joseph’s Children’s at St. Joseph’s Hospital-South 
6901 Simmons Loop Road 
Riverview, FL 33578   
(813) 302-8000