Orthopedics Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

Center of Excellence in Orthopedics

The Center of Excellence in Orthopedics, at St. Anthony’s Hospital, features rooms that are conducive for orthopedic patients to recover, faster and more comfortably. These specially designed private rooms accommodate a variety of physical therapy equipment, so physical therapists are more able to provide effective treatment to recuperating patients.


Our rooms also provide ergonomically designed furniture and free WiFi and fold-out sleeper sofas. This special accommodation is for family members who also extend their stay overnight. The intent is to create a healing atmosphere for orthopedics patients, their families and provides an environment that expedites recovery.

In preparation for orthopedic surgery, St. Anthony's Hospital offers a class each Monday, where patients meet with a physical therapist and an orthopedic nurse, to learn what to expect before, during and after their procedure. Register now

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