How to Navigate the Community Health Needs Assessment

For each facility's community, the following are available:

What you will find when reviewing the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment: 

  • The introduction section of the report describes how the assessment was conducted (i.e., purpose, methodology, types of data collected, geographic area assessed, etc.)
  • The Summary of Findings section provides an executive review of the Significant Health Needs of the Community and a Summary of Data with comparisons of benchmark data
  • The Data Charts and Key Informant section provides all the detailed data visuals and tables as well as input received from key community informants. All this information is organized by "health topic" (e.g., Mental Health, Cardiovascular, Substance Abuse, Cancer etc.) and combines all relevant data from the various sources of research into one section.
  • The Community Characteristics section provides a profile of the Population (i.e., population size, age, race, ethnicity) and Social Determinants of Health (i.e., poverty, education) for the geographic area studied. 

What you will find when reviewing the 2013 Implementation Plan:  

  • Information about how the implementation plan was developed (i.e., purpose, benefiting area, data collected, etc.) is available in the first three sections of the report (Introduction, Community Definition, and Methodology).
  • Identified needs have been coupled with hospital efforts in the Community Health Needs and Implementation Plan section, which is structured in the following way:
    • Summary of need identified in the 2013 CHNA
    • Detailed list of the services the hospital already offers that meet the need in some way
    • Overview of the strategies the hospital plans to implement to further address the need
  • The implementation plan and needs not being addressed are available for your review in the Appendices (Appendix A: Implementation Plan Document and Appendix B: Needs not Addressed by the 2013 Plan).

Opportunity to Provide Community Feedback 

If you have questions, comments or feedback about this study, please email us.