Frequently Asked Questions

Bartow in Scrubs Frequently Asked Questions

1. What time should I arrive at the hospital?

Please arrive by 8am and report to classrooms 1 and 2, which are located on the first floor of Bartow Regional Medical Center.

2. Do I have to wear the scrubs that were provided to me?

Due to the nature of the program, we do require that scrubs be worn to participate. Please report the morning of the event wearing your scrubs.

3. Where is Bartow Regional Medical Center?

Bartow Regional Medical Center is located at 2200 Osprey Blvd., Bartow, FL 33830.

4. Where do I park once I arrive?

Please use any of the visitor parking spots available outside the main entrance.

5. My scrubs don’t fit! What should I do?

We will have additional scrub sizes on-site to trade. Upon arrival, please let a Bartow in Scrubs volunteer know you would like a different size.

6. What shoes should I wear?

Please wear comfortable closed-toed shoes while attending this event.

7. Will I be able to bring my cell phone?

Yes, cell phones will be permitted, but they must be on silent during the track programs.

8. May I take photos during the event?

Photos will be permitted in designated areas only. Professional photographers will be on-site for additional photo opportunities.

9. Do I need to sign anything?

Yes, at registration, you will be given a Short-Term/Shadowing and Temporary Volunteer Application to fill out.

10. Are there breaks built into the program?

There will be three 10-minute business breaks in between track sessions at 9:15, 10:10, and 11:05am.

11. Will breakfast and lunch be provided?

Yes, breakfast will be provided upon arrival, and lunch will be provided following your last track.

12. I need to leave the event early. What should I do?

We hope that you can attend the entire event; however, if an emergency arises and you must leave please let your track leader know as soon as possible.

13. How often do you offer Bartow in Scrubs?

We currently offer Bartow in Scrubs one time a year.

14. I have a friend who wants to attend. Who should they contact?

Please refer interested parties to our Bartow in Scrubs website at For questions, please email

15. How long is each track?

You can expect to spend 45 minutes with your specified track leaders and clinical team for each session.