Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Woman using telephone with telephone amplifier.ALDs can help you hear better. They are used alone or with a hearing aid. ALDs amplify sounds that you may hear in your daily life. Read below to learn about the different kinds of ALDs.

Alerting devices

If you have trouble hearing sounds in your home, alerting devices can be installed. These have flashing lights, loud bells, or vibrators. They are activated by sounds around the home, such as the ringing of the phone or doorbell. They can be used to signal that there is a smoke alarm or crying baby. They can be used with an alarm clock.

Television listening devices

A television listening device lets you amplify the sound from a TV. It can do this without disturbing people around you.

Personal communicators

A personal communicator helps you hear someone talk to you in a noisy place. It lets the speaker’s voice be amplified above the background noise. It can be used in places such as a restaurant or a car.

Telephone amplifiers

A telephone amplifier boosts the volume on a phone. A portable amplifier can be put over most telephone receivers. You may be able to get this kind of device for a lower price. This is due to the Americans with Disabilities Act. To get this discount, you may need to fill out a form. Or you may need to get a note from your healthcare provider.

Group listening devices

These devices allow better sound to individuals in a group setting. Some theaters and concert halls have these devices. Some meeting rooms also have them. You can ask a receptionist or ticket-taker for more information.