Gender Specific Knees for Knee Replacement Surgery

A woman’s knee is not anatomically identical to a man’s. The differences in the size and ratio of female knee components are now reflected in a new gender-specific generation of implants designed specifically for women. This innovation is especially important because women receive more than half of all knee implants and the overall numbers of implants are expected to grow in conjunction with the aging of the nation’s Baby Boomers.

At BayCare, our orthopedic surgeons offer gender-specific knee implants to patients, in addition to performing all major types of knee implants for male and female patients of all ages. Many of our patients are walking the day after their knee replacement surgery, thanks to the skill of our surgeons and the latest in technology advances.

Our surgeons not only use the latest technology, they help develop it. Our orthopedic specialists worked with the manufacturer to help design the Stryker® Navigation System and the Orthosoft® Navigation System that perform precise calculations for the incision and analyzes joint characteristics so that surgeons can determine the optimal reduction of damaged cartilage. This navigation technology also helps ensure that the replacement joint is properly aligned for each patient’s anatomy.

We also specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques that minimize the size of the incision and tissue damage, which significantly improves recovery time and reduces post-operative pain.

Our pre-operative and post-operative programs address the needs of patients and their families. Our staff works diligently to ensure that each patient achieves a complete recovery and can resume normal activities, including sports activities. Learn more about our comprehensive rehabilitation and physical therapy programs.

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