Medical Fitness Programs

A senior woman is exercising with guidance from a fitness center team member.

Our medical fitness programs help you improve your health outcomes by incorporating daily physical activity into your life. You can choose any of our three convenient locations listed below, or some programs may offer online class options. Health Coaches from the BayCare TechDeck™ are also available for consultation and guidance. 

NOTE: These programs require a physician referral. Download the physician referral form to discuss with your doctor.

Balance Program

This eight-week program is made up of two 30-minute weekly sessions that will teach you how to apply principles of safe mobility, minimize fall risk and build balance, coordination and confidence.

Diabetes Program

An eight-week program of two 30-minute weekly sessions to learn safe and effective exercises. You’ll also have biweekly one-on-one sessions with a registered dietitian who will explain nutrition’s overall impact on blood sugar levels and how to include food in a way to manage and improve blood sugar.

Fit4Surgery Program

This four- or eight-week program consists of two 30-minute weekly sessions of exercises to increase strength and functional capacity before or after surgery to improve your quality of life. It’ll help you have a quicker, easier recovery and reduce the risk of complications.

BoneCare Program

An eight-week program of two 30-minute weekly sessions, designed to minimize the progression of osteoporosis. Goals include improved bone mass and reduced risk of chronic pain, fractures and falls.


For question on these programs, please call one of the below locations or email us at


BayCare Fitness Center
BayCare HealthHub™

2470 Bloomingdale Ave.
(813) 586-8600

BayCare Fitness Center
BayCare Outpatient Center

900 Carillon Parkway
St. Petersburg
(727) 502-4444

Cheek-Powell Fitness Center
Morton Plant Hospital

455 Pinellas St.
(727) 462-7685


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