Free Tools for Employers

Free Tools for Employers from the American Psychiatric Association

The American Psychiatric Association Foundation created the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health to collaborate with employers to advance mental health. Employers are in a powerful position to improve the mental health of employees, both through employer-sponsored health benefits – which are vitally important, and by creating healthy workplace cultures that value mental health just as much as physical health.

The Partnership offers several free resources and programs to help employers take action in this important area.

Increase awareness and decrease stigma

Providing access to comprehensive mental health benefits and employee assistance programs (EAP) is essential, but unfortunately stigma often prevents people from reaching out for help and benefiting from available services. The following programs were developed specifically to increase awareness about mental health issues and encourage people to reach out for help through the company’s benefits and services. Best of all, they were developed specifically for application at the workplace, and can be customized with your company’s logo and integrated into your existing communication vehicles.

  • The ICU program (“I See You”) is an awareness campaign designed to decrease the stigma associated with mental health and foster a workplace culture that supports emotional health by teaching people how to recognize and respond to signs of distress among colleagues. The central component of ICU is a 5-minute video which is paired with information about how to access the company’s EAP and mental health benefits.
  • Right Direction is an educational initiative increases awareness about the signs of depression and encourages people to connect to help. It includes a website with a depression screening tool, free posters, PowerPoint decks and a host of content and collateral an employer can customize with their company’s logo and information about how to access the company’s EAP and mental health benefits. 

Learn More

The Partnership also provides a free monthly publication for employers called Mental Health Works and a searchable database of employers which have successfully addressed mental health. Subscribe for free and visit the Partnership’s website to learn more.

Clare Miller's presentation on Mental Health in the Workplace.