Emergency Care

When treating an emergency, time is of the essence. Debating whether or not to risk going to an emergency room during a heart attack, stroke or other health emergency—waiting even a few extra minutes—could be harmful.

That’s why in all BayCare hospital emergency rooms, patients who have symptoms of COVID-19 are isolated from other patients. This helps keep emergency room patients and our team members safe.

So if it’s an emergency, don’t wait.  Need a COVID test? The ER is not the right place. Check your symptoms here.

Female medical provider in blue scrub top putting on a face mask

Screening, Separating, Sanitizing and Safeguarding

To protect you and our team members during this time, we've put enhanced safety measures in place at our facilities.

Emergency Care During COVID-19

Learn more about how BayCare has taken steps to safeguard patients coming to our Emergency Rooms from potential exposure to COVID-19.
Morton Plant Hospital Emergency Room exterior
A boy holds an arrow-shaped sign that says "ER?" while standing next to a girl who is holding a sign that says "Urgent Care?"

ER vs. Urgent Care

Choosing between an ER and urgent care can often be very confusing, especially if you find yourself suddenly ill or injured. Learn more about when to visit an emergency room and when to visit an urgent care.