Pathways to Hope Program

Navigating Through Behavioral Health Resources

Pathways to Hope™ is a new and innovative pilot program, which provides coaching and navigation to those who are seeking help for mental health and substance abuse issues. The program assists individuals and families on their journey through the maze of mental illness and addiction and will connect them with urgent, emergent and routine clinical resources in Tampa Bay and beyond. For additional access to Pathways to Hope™ resources, visit the Pathways to Hope™ page.

Our Services

We provide compassionate, personalized and expert navigation and coaching services. Individual coaches are present to listen and provide linkage to the appropriate services and resources. They also assist in creating a personalized roadmap for wellness and success, based upon an individual’s and/or family’s needs and goals. Our philosophy of care is solution-focused, person-centered and specializes in motivation toward desired change. Our goal is to equip people with information and resources needed to facilitate wellness and recovery.

Our primary services include:

  • Coaching: Assisting individuals and families in meeting their personal goals by listening, guiding and encouraging.
  • Navigating: Delivering timely connection for individuals and families to identify resources in the community related to their behavioral health needs.
  • Educating: Providing training and support groups relating to behavioral health as well as assisting families and the community with resources to cope.

Additional Resources

  • Access our free online resource center with information on emotional wellbeing, relationships, finances, legal issues and much more
  • Take advantage of our speakers bureau and invite a qualified mental health or addiction professional to speak to your business, club, church or group on topics such as communication, anger management, resiliency, time management, stress, grief and loss and more.
  • Find other online behavioral health resources to help assist you in finding the services you need to fit your personal needs and goals.

Who We Serve

  • Patients being discharged from our psychiatric inpatient units
  • Community members needing education and training relative to behavioral health, wellness and recovery

For more information about the Pathways programs: (727) 462-3650 or email.