Culture of Quality

Our Quality Philosophy

Since BayCare was formed in 1997, we have taught our Quality philosophy to thousands of our employees - we call them team members. It is one of the main components that brings all of us together as a united health system.

We define Quality as "Serving the Needs Of Our Customer." Our efforts are aimed at meeting the needs of the customer and improving customer satisfaction with the services we deliver.

The diagram on the right is our Quality model. As you can see, the foundation of our philosophy is built upon "Customer Needs," "Process Focus" and "Continuous Improvement."

Guided by those principles, we are able to establish a Quality Process - a series of actions that bring about changes and results. "Quality Planning," "Quality Improvement" and "Quality Assessment and Reporting" formulate BayCare's Quality Process.

In addition, our Quality model works in an environment with "Communication," "Education & Training," "Recognition & Reward" and "Leadership."

We celebrated our Culture of Quality with our first Quality Sharing Day on Oct. 23, 2006. The event provided a venue for our teams to teach and highlight some of our most successful performance improvements and best practices with other team members in the health system. The event helps us accelerate our replication of best practices and communicate the positive changes developed by our teams every day.