Watch and Take Action

The important conversations about how you can take control of your breast health are happening now. Lack of education and accurate information can be a deterrent for women to take the important steps in managing their breast health. We encourage you to watch our Stories of Strength and share with someone you know that needs to take action today.

Meet Our Advocates

Samara, Jennifer, Emily and Agnes are women with stories to tell. Each of them are different. Each of them have their own personal journey that led them to be the advocates they are today. Lack of education and accurate information can be a deterrent for women to take the important steps towards managing their breast health. Watch as these courageous women share their individual experiences with us, and learn how taking control of our breast health is in our hands.

Agnes J.

Breast Nurse Navigation

“Early detection is key. The sooner the cancer is found and treated not only saves lives, but also provides the best results.”

A hero to many women, Agnes offers her advice after years of supporting women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Emily M.

Genetic Testing Recipient

“I was more scared not to do the testing, but when it comes to cancer, knowledge is power.”

Because of a family history of breast cancer, Emily is a young advocate for yearly screenings.

Jennifer T.

Breast Cancer Survivor

“Make sure that you make the time to get a mammogram. Early detection saved my life.”

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, Jennifer credits her recovery to her annual screening.

Samara T.

Imaging Operations Manager

“My goal is to provide an experience that makes everyone come back year after year so that if we do find something, we find it early and it’s treatable.”

Having lost her aunt and mother-in-law to breast cancer, Samara vowed to become an advocate for women’s health.

Why BayCare?

BayCare offers comprehensive breast health services for women of all ages. Our breast care centers combine the latest technology with leading medical expertise and compassionate care, and with numerous nationally accredited locations around Tampa Bay, you’re never far from a highly trained clinical team that has your best imaging, diagnostic and treatment needs in mind.