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MyBayCare Patient Portal FAQ
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BayCare Patient Portal

Frequently Asked Questions regarding

Q: How does enrolling in the BayCare patient portal benefit me?

A: The BayCare patient portal,, is a quick connection to your personal health care records, such as in-patient and ER laboratory results and discharge information. The secure site also provides easy access for paying your bills online and allows you to submit questions at any time.

Q: Can I send emergency medical requests through the patient portal?

A: No, if you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. Do not send urgent or emergency messages through the patient portal.

Q: Why am I receiving multiple invitations?

A: The standard process for inviting patients to enroll in includes an initial e-mail invitation and a reminder message seven days later. The e-mail will arrive in your inbox from the sender, BayCare Health System, and will have the address of If you are receiving multiple messages beyond the standard two, please call BayCare at (888) 499-9003.

Q: I did not receive an invitation to the patient portal.

A: If you were recently a patient and you provided your e-mail address to our staff, there are several things you can do:

  • Be sure to check your spam/junk folders for our message. The e-mail will arrive in your inbox from the sender, BayCare Health System, and will have the address of
  • If you do not find the message, please call BayCare at (888) 499-9003 to request a new invitation.
  • If you did not provide an e-mail to BayCare during registration or at the time of your treatment at a BayCare facility, you can call BayCare at (888) 499-9003 to provide your e-mail address and request a new invitation.

Q: How can I change my contact information?


  • The only contact information that can be updated in the patient portal is your e-mail address. All other contact information must be updated during your next visit to a BayCare facility.
  • If you have a new e-mail address, please update your portal information by visiting the Notifications screen (accessed from the drop-down in the cog icon between your name and the "Sign Out" button in the upper right banner of the Patient Portal).
  • When you update your e-mail address in the portal, we will redirect any patient portal communications to your new e-mail address. However, your official patient records will not be updated until you provide this information during your next visit to a BayCare facility. *

*Please note: when you change your e-mail address on your official hospital records, you will receive a new invitation to the patient portal. If you are already enrolled in the BayCare patient portal, you may disregard this invitation and continue using the portal with your existing user name and password. Just don't forget to update your e-mail in the portal as well, so you receive all relevant portal communication.

Q: How can I delete my patient portal account?

A: If you wish to delete your patient portal account at, you must do so by either calling the Cerner Health technical support number, (877) 621-8014, or by deleting your account online. To manage your account or unenroll, go to the Account page of the Web site (accessed from the drop-down in the cog icon between your name and the "Sign Out" button in the upper right banner of the Patient Portal), click "Update account settings" link, choose "Delete Account," and confirm by re-entering your password once you have carefully read the information presented on that page.

Q: Can I enroll my family members in the portal too?

A. Only individuals who provided an e-mail address during registration at a BayCare hospital, a BayCare emergency department or a BayCare outpatient facility (lab, imaging) will be sent an e-mail invitation to enroll in the BayCare patient portal. If you are power of attorney or are a representative for the patient, please notify the registrar at time of admission. Please call (888) 499-9003 for questions or assistance with enrollment in the BayCare patient portal.

Q: Why can't I see my child's health care record?

A: BayCare offers access to the patient portal for children from birth through 11 years and 364 days. However, in accordance with Florida Statutes, we may not share online access to health care information with parents of minors ages 12 through 17 and 364 days. If you need access to your children's medical records, please contact the Health Information Management department (Medical Records) at your BayCare hospital. Additional information about medical records may be found at

Q: Why don't I see my last doctor's visit on here?

A: Membership in is specifically for information collected and recorded during your BayCare visit and does not reflect any other online information about your health, including information from outside physicians or other portals.

Q: Can you help me with questions about my medical records and/or test results?

A: If you have questions about any part of your medical record, including lab results, please contact your physician for an explanation and follow up.

Q: I don't want to use the portal. Can I still get my records?

A: Patients can still obtain copies of records by following the traditional record request procedures at the facility where they were treated. Additional information about medical records may be found at

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