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MEDSEEK Patient Portal
 MEDSEEK Patient Portal FAQs  MEDSEEK Patient Portal FAQs
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The Patient Portal Membership: Convenience for You and Your Health Care Team

Welcome to BayCare’s gateway to The Patient Portal, your personal website for accessing online medical records. BayCare now keeps certain hospital information in a SECURE, electronic medical record so your doctors and nurses have faster and more complete access to your records while you are a patient with us. And best of all, when you enroll as a member in The Patient Portal, you can access your own records online, 24-7-365.


The only way to Enroll in The Patient Portal membership and access your personal medical information is if you were a patient in a BayCare Hospital or received services in a BayCare Emergency Department.

If you had a recent visit but were NOT enrolled in The Patient Portal at that time, you will need to log on to and complete the enrollment process before you can access your health records. This requires an e-mail address and the CPI number on your armband. The CPI number on your armband serves as your PIN during the enrollment process. DO NOT discard your armband until you’ve completed the membership enrollment process and you have access to your records.

Current Medical Information You Can Access

  • Your personal health record: Any information you’ve provided about your health conditions, medications, supplements and allergies.
  • Inpatient and ER laboratory results and discharge information
  • Bill pay options for inpatient, ER and outpatient visits
  • Secure question submission regarding medical records, bills and other items
  • Preregistration for delivery of your baby
  • Physician search
  • Announcements and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • BayCare Health Events

If you have NOT been a patient in a BayCare Hospital, you can enroll for The Patient Portal membership to simplify your admission process should you ever need to access a BayCare Hospital or ER. Just remember, there’s no medical information for you to view until after you are admitted to a BayCare hospital or were seen in a BayCare emergency department.

The Patient Portal membership is specifically for information collected and recorded during your BayCare hospital visit and does not reflect any other online information about your health, including information from outside physicians or other portals.

Future Offerings

  • Access for all adult BayCare patients
  • Ability to request appointments online
  • Access to your information from your mobile phone

Navigating The Patient Portal

Once you log into The Patient Portal, you will arrive on the home page. Along the left side is a menu to help navigate the site and where you access your medical record, view announcements, access the Message Center, locate a physician, pay a bill and find out about BayCare events.

In the upper right corner is your profile, which includes your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

In the center of the page is the Message Center containing new information such as medical records, test results and discharge summaries from your recent visit to a BayCare hospital (as an inpatient) or emergency department.

To access your medical records, select Medical Health Record. That page contains three drop down menus:

  • Health Records is ongoing, updated information from the medical records of your BayCare hospital and/or emergency department visit(s). It contains allergies, immunizations, an updated list of medications with which you were discharged, health conditions/problems, procedures and test results.
  • Health Tracker allows you to add information you need to monitor including blood sugar results, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.
  • Health Documents contains:
    • Provider Records: These are medical records sent to your portal from BayCare within 36 hours of discharge.

For additional assistance with The Patient Portal, please call (855) 546-6300 or browse our list of Patient Portal FAQs.

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